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WebsiteDesigner.sg provides web design Singapore services for startups, SMEs & large corporations.


Freelance Web Designer Singapore

If you hate slow loading websites, so do we. We are web designers that build highly optimised websites to load fast and efficiently. 

Need A Brand New Website

Starting a new business? Start right with a blazing fast website to impress your customers and rank well on search engines.

Need To Improve My Existing Website

Discover what is causing your website to load slowly and let WDSG audit and recommend effective solutions for you.


We are website optimisation experts in Page Speed. Online customers expect fast loading pages so that they can browse your services/products faster. That means more sales and/or leads for your business.

Web Design & Development Services

Brand New Website

Are you an entrepreneur that just started your new business? Do you need to show your products and services on a personalised company website? Let us help you build a professional looking website in no time.

Website Revamp

For every company revamp website, we take strong considerations of your company branding colors and message to produce a refreshed revamped website to attract more customers.

Website Maintenance

Let us periodically update and maintain your website system and install important security patches. We will watch over your website and so that you can fully focus about your business.

Landing Page

Looking to build a microsite for a Google AdWords or Facebook Ads campaign? We can build one for you and it includes A/B split testing results.


We help you build your online shop that allows online transactions via Paypal & Stripe. Also, you will get a analytics dashboard to monitor stock and sales data.

Prototypes & Mock-ups

Have an idea but not ready to invest until you are confident of your idea? We provide User Interface and User Experience Designing Services on Adobe XD.

Content Management System

Need to manage your web content such as images, blog posts and more? We can build it in WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Adobe Experience Manager, WIX, Squarespace.

Domain & Hosting

We are able to help you register a .SG or .COM.sg for your domain needs. Also, you will get a hosting that will have a Singapore IP address.

Email Setup

Do you need to setup company email addresses for your staff? We can help you setup on Gsuites, Webmail & Office 365.

Frontend Web Development

Our frontend technologies include React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, Backbone.js, We use Redux, Vuex for state management.

Backend Web Development

Our server technologies include Node.js, Flask, PHP, Go, Java Spring Boot, C++ .NET. For serverless, we use AWS Lambda & Google Cloud Functions. After building your web applications, we host the build files on platforms such as Heroku, Digital Ocean, AWS & Azure.

Full Stack Web Development

If you are looking for a MVC (Model View Controller) application, we can build it in these technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Django, Isomorphic JavaScript, Laravel & CakePHP,

WordPress Plugin Development

If you need a specific WordPress plugin for your business or find that plugin you need is outdated and not maintained, we are able to rebuild it for you.


If you need to store and manage your data, we provide SQL and noSQL services. SQL includes mySQL and Postgres. NoSQL includes MongoDB, Firebase & PouchDB.

Modern CSS

We use modern CSS technologies such as SASS, LESS, SCSS. We also use css frameworks such as Bootstrap, Bulma, Semantic UI and Material UI.

Chrome Extension

If you need certain scripts to run on certain webpages, you will need a chrome extension. We build our chrome extensions using ES6 and webpack.

Website Speed Optimisation

Have a slow loading website? Long loading times can cause your visitors to leave your website. Let us help you analyze and recommend solutions to boost your website speed.

Real Time Web Sockets

For you wish to build a chatbot or a chat application, let us build it for you. We use technologies such as Socket.io & Firebase.

Web Design Features

Live Chat

Some customers need your service urgently. A live chat can greatly improve your business if you are able to respond.

1 Year Free Hosting

You will get a year of Singapore hosting that has the latest features such as CPanel and PHP7.

Mobile Responsive

Your website will render perfectly on all devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

Web Security

We secure your website with the latest technologies such as 2 Factor Authentication, Firewall and Admin Login Monitoring.

Web Backup

Our hosting provides daily backups so that you are able to restore your website in an emergency.

Social Media Integration

We are able to help you create your Facebook and Instagram pages and link them to your website.

We Build Websites That Load Fast.


Locally Developed

We understand the pains of outsourcing your project to overseas web designers where time and language differences are big issues. All projects are built and managed in Singapore only.

Qualified Developers

Our web designers and developers have minimum Computer Science degrees from local Singapore universities such as NTU.

Experts in Web Technologies

We know our technologies in and out. All technologies used are modern and good for the next 5 to 10 years.

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