Freelance Web Designer Singapore

Create a website in less than 1 week*


Get a Beautiful Website in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Pick a Design

Step 2: Choose Your Options

Step 3: Make Payment

Step 1: Pick A Design

With a wide selection of designs, you can browse and choose a suitable web design that attracts your attention and is suitable for your business.

Step 2: Choose Your Options

You may have different needs for your business. Whether you need 5 pages or 10 pages, we have packages specially designed for your needs. For example, If you need to have more pages you can choose add on options which is available in the product page.

Step 3: Make Payment & Fill Details

We provide many different payment options. Once you have made payment, a special link will be sent to your email. This link will bring you to a special form to fill in your website content.

Why Choose

Save Time

You get your desired much faster than the usual web design process.

You Get What You See

Most disputes are due to disagreements in design between client and designer. Having the design upfront will give you a peace of mind.

Consistent High Quality

We have built multiple websites using the same reliable plugins and hosting that has never failed us.

Time Is Money

You can launch your website in less than 1 week if you fully fill up all the forms and content.

Focus on Business

Your web design is only one aspect of your business. Get this up fast then you can move on to other things such as marketing.

Locally Developed

We can assure you that your websites are built by local Singapore citizens and not outsourced to third world countries.

Web Design is only one aspect of your online business.

High Quality Features Included

Fast & Reliable Hosting

We only use premium quality hosting that have physical data centres in Singapore. Also, a must-have for SEO in Singapore.

Mobile Responsive

We will test on iPhone & Android to ensure your site is visible and aligned on mobile devices.


We provide HTTPS to ensure your visitors are secured and have their form details encrypted.


We will use necessary WordPress cache plugins to ensure your site is delivered quickly

Social Media Integration

We will link your social media profiles to your website such as Facebook Page, Twitter & Instagram.

Chat Integration

We can help you link to your WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger so that your customers can contact you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

We use WordPress as our website base. HTML, CSS & JavaScript are used for the frontend. PHP & MySQL will be used in the server backend. Also, we use the best local web hosting in Singapore for all our customers as uptime and efficiency are vital. Also, it ensures fast page loading times.

It depends on how ready you are. If all content and information are provided, we can build it less than a week.

Yes, you will be emailed with the full access information with a password protected excel sheet. The password will be sent separately to your mobile number.

You may contact us with a link to your desired web design via our general form for a custom quote from our freelance web designers.

Yes, all designs will have its unique license and all photos are royalty-free stock images (subject to availability).

After payment, there is a special link that will be sent to you. You will be required to complete the form for us to start the website building process. You may save the form as draft if you have incomplete details.

Yes, we provide website maintenance as an add on.

Other Services

For brand new website designs, we help you register a fresh domain and secure a local Singapore web hosting account for you.​

If you are a client that is starting out as a new business, you may not have a logo designed or provided. Let us view & develop your static assets such as posters, brochures and other contents. We design websites with graphics and images that identifies with your corporate image so that you are able to connect with your online visitors and convert them into customers.
We help you build your online shop that allows online transactions via Paypal & Stripe. Also, you will get a analytics dashboard to monitor stock and sales data.

Sometimes you require a simple landing for a product launch campaign that do not have a horizontal menu or links to your current site.

Firstly in this stage of brainstorming & requirements gathering, we will discuss and research on various design ideas, concepts, layouts and any possible inceptions that are ideal for your business. We provide customised web application development in Singapore. Built from scratch with trending new frontend technologies (React.js & Vue.js) and server APIs (Node.JS). We also build highly secured & efficent CMS solution with themes & plugins That adheres to best practices & web standards that ensures usability & accessibilty. Additionally, we build custom server backend APIs for your corporation needs and integrate your WP site with any backend technologies!

Not sure how to move from an old technology to the latest modern web technology? Let us handle that for you easily.

Whether it is plain vanilla HTML/CSS, Angular.js, React.js or Vue.js, our front end developer is able to cover them all! Your Single Page App (SPA) is in good hands. Using our mockup and/or prototypes, we can ensure your website is fast, usable and intuitive so that your users can navigate efficiently and achieve their objective such as a purchase of your product or engage in your services. Depending on the level of customisation, we will provide a blueprint that has an overview of the potential structure that helps with system planning.

Our technologies allow Search Engine spiders to spider your website so that your website can be found on Google/Bing/Yahoo.