Month: March 2019

5 Best Apps to Keep Your Smartphone Hack Proof

Smartphones have become an important part of our lives and we store a lot of private and important information in it because we can access information anytime on our smartphones. But with the growing number of smartphones, they are more vulnerable to attack by hackers. Hackers crack your phones passwords and can easily get access […]

5 Best iPhone Keyboards

This the fact that iPhone got the best features and top-notch brand but I feel that there is one downside about that its default keyboard has no autocorrect option that different android users have. But now iPhone realized it and allowed its users to add third-party keyboards with different attractive customizations. You can add customize […]

Tips and Tricks for starting Android App Development

If you are thinking of becoming Android app developer then it’s very, in fact, nothing is difficult but to become a successful developer requires efforts, failures, and courage. There is no shortcut to becoming a developer in a week, you have to spend time and you have to be patients. In Android app development, the […]

Beyond parallax scroll: the animated scroll.

Browsing the web page requires you to scroll down and up to find what you may be interested in. To make this operation funny and complete the comfortable browsing sessions, web developers and web designers have come up with different styles of scrolling techniques. Besides the infinite and the parallax scroll, they invented the animated […]