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Blockchain Developer Singapore

Blockchain Developer Singapore

Looking for a developer to build a blockchain for your startup idea?

Let us build your DApp (decentralized apps) on the Ethereum Network today!

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We build your smart contracts using Solidity using high quality object oriented programming

We use Node.js and Web3 to manage your compliation and connection to the network.

We will deploy your app on test and main Ethereum network via Infura.

We will connect your app to a frontend facing application using React.JS.

Don’t get left behind
Grow your business using Blockchain

Blockchain is the 4th industrial revolution in the world. Ride on the rising trend of blockchain and use it to build new business ideas and solve existing problems.

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Blockchain Ideas

Here are some potential ideas blockchain can solve:

  • Identity Management: Imagine you can login and purchase flight tickets with your blockchain wallet without filling in your passport and NRIC details.
  • Fair Selection of Lucky Draw participants: Users are getting smarter and they trust less in lucky draws because of potential human bias. Imagine you can build a blockchain system to automate selection of winners for every lucky draw.
  • Anti Theft: You can put original art paintings on a blockchain so that buyers know that they are original and are not fake.
  • Business Ratings: How do you know if a handyman you called online is reliable? With blockchain, users can rate vendors and suppliers on their level of service. No one can tamper with the blockchain. 

Blockchain Course Singapore

Are you confused by reading about blockchain and cannot make any sense out of it?

We can conduct courses or provide blockchain consultation for your enterprise.

You will get to learn the following:

  • What is blockchain
  • What is a smart contract
  • How to setup an Ethereum account using Metamask
  • How to send and receive ether
  • How to use Test networks to test your Proof of Concepts (POC)


  • Learn how to setup a network on localhost
  • Learn how to use Node.JS and web3 to test your smart contracts



Blockchain Demystified

No idea how to tap on the blockchain? Once you are our client, we can explain to you in simple terms and diagrams on how you can use the blockchain and what is all the hype about.

Blockchain is more than just sending bitcoins and ethereum to each other. You can tap on blockchain to build businesses that rely on the immutability of the blockchain. No malicious user can tamper with the chain and you will achieve maximum integrity.






The Future of Your Business.

Be a first mover for your industry. Move fast.