Videos or Gifs; the Ups and Downs of each

The website content can include some texts intended to be search-engine optimized and can include some visual materials. In fact, visual materials are critical for several businesses especially those that present objects to acquire or based on the animated scenes. These types of websites can opt for including video clips or including animated Gifs. Actually, […]

Flash player issues and best replacements.

Flash player plugin is a famous application that allows running video files on websites. The application needs to load the file then display it. But, recently, there have been claims of certain issues related to the implementation of such plugin. With the technological evolution, the enhancement of the media revolution has put the media player […]

DIV tag  v.s. SPAN tag

DIV and SPAN tag are both HTML code elements that are used to create particular pieces of content in the HTML document. The two of them are particularly used to implement specific CSS scripts and assign them to particular elements avoiding interfering or affecting other components. Perhaps they operate the same way but of course, […]

The importance of the “alt” attributes in HTML code

The HTML code contains a wide number of tags. These tags share a wider number of attributes that can take different values. Among them, the “alt” attribute is one important one that has been misused and underestimated. In fact, it is not an obsolete attribute that should not be used; it is an important factor […]