Buy Ethereum Singapore

2019 Guide For Buying Ethereum (ETH) in Singapore

Step for exchange

  • Sign up
  • Verification Process KYC (Know Your Customer)

Steps for P2P (Escrow)

  1. Look for P2P Websites (, Remitano).
  2. Find a reputable seller with good reviews (Above 90%).
  3. Click buy and contact seller. Seller’s ETH amt will be locked in escrow.
  4. Sellers will receive your trade request.
  5. Seller will perform verification on you.
  6. Seller will provide a bank account number to make payment (Full amount – P2P takes a 1% cut of the full ETH amt from seller)
  7. Once you make payment, Seller will release locked in ETH amt from the escrow

Steps for P2P (Direct Seller)

  1. If you exchange numbers with the seller, you can directly buy from the seller & negotiate a cheaper rate
  2. Ask seller for rate (Usually, 0.5% off usual rates) – if $10,000 transaction, you save 10,000 * 0.5% = $50.
  3. Pay seller online bank transfer or cash in person
  4. Once seller receive your money, seller will transfer ETH to your ETH wallet



  • Credit card
  • Paypal


  • Withdrawal limit
  • Strict KYC

P2P (Peer to Peer)


  • Cash
  • Fast transaction


  • No escrow protection (Important to find reputable seller)