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What We Do ?

We build mobile applications for local businesses such as startups, SMEs and large corporations.

Mobile App Features


You can tap on your devices’ SMS system to send out messages from your app itself. Useful for quick message delivery.


If you wish to utilise the camera system, you can use various options such as Flash, Selfie Mode and more.


If you wish to save your events on your phone via your app, it is possible. You can also save it on 3rd party calendars such as Google Calendar.


If you want to build an App that can retrieve a phone’s contact list, we can do it for you. You will need the user’s permission before that can be allowed.

Image Manipulation

If you want your users to resize, scale, transform their images within your app, it can be done.

In App Browser (Webview)

If you are an affiliate marketer that wants to direct a user to a Store with your affiliate code, you can do it within your app.

Google/Facebook Login

Your users are able to sign in and authenticate with your App with one click using their Google or Facebook accounts.

Push Notifications

Your users are able to sign in and authenticate with your App with one click using their Google or Facebook accounts.

QR or Barcode Scanning

Your users are able to sign in and authenticate with your App with one click using their Google or Facebook accounts.

Augmented Reality

If you wish to use AR in your app, you can let us build it for you. Please note that AR is only available on iOS devices at the moment.

Face Detection 

Your users are able to sign in and authenticate with your App with one click using their Google or Facebook accounts.

Ads Integration

If you wish to monetise your ads using Google Admob or Facebook Ads, we can integrate it for you.

What can we build?

Business Information App

We can create an App to showcase your business products & services. Having an App will boost your reputation as a forward thinking company.

Middleman App

We can create an App that matches both buyer and supplier and indicate how much commission you get for each successful match.

Ecommerce App

We can build an App that lists your products and/or services and anyone can add to cart and checkout via Stripe.

Utility Apps

If you have a great idea like building a calculator for buying a new car, you can build one and use adMob or Facebook ads to monetise it.

Asset Tracking Apps

You can have an App where your service staff are able to scan equipment qr codes after they have serviced or checked the equipment.

Geolocation Apps

We can retrieve your user’s location and render the nearby products or services for the specific user.

React Native

We use React Native for most of our projects as it is owned by Facebook & has great community support. It is used by big companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Wix, Tesla and more.


We use Flutter for some projects as it is owned by Google. It is still a new product and 3rd party extensions like maps are not safe for production. Notable usage would be Google Ads mobile app.


We use Vue.js to build web applications and wrap it up with a Cordova webview. This is great for quick prototyping however it is not suitable for big applications.

With the technological revolution that created the smartphones, the need for a particular version of the software that runs on the mobile devices has confirmed itself. Indeed, the technological evolution has made possible the use of the smartphone and replace the desktops and the laptop computers. This has also created a new field of creativity and development; the mobile applications development. The applications are programs that perform certain operations. They can be mobile versions of other programs as they can be made especially for the mobile devices. Freelance mobile application developers in Singapore have shown their ability in this area as well.

The mobile applications development in Singapore has known a fast evolution with the creation of smartphones. They are similar to little computers that you can carry with you everywhere. Their connectivity to the Internet requires that you have installed all the applications you need to browse the web and manage your documents. This trend has induced the particular field of mobile applications development. Actually, the responsiveness of any website is the possibility to display the content and perform all the operations on mobile devices as well as on regular devices. With advances in the mobile industry, the applications that you can install on the device have included game, tools and some others utilities. Developing mobile applications requires, however, a programming knowledge and an operating systems knowledge.

As the regular web development in Singapore, the freelance mobile application development in Singapore offer high-quality services. The creativity and the proficiency of the freelance web designer Singapore are unparalleled, and the charges are perhaps the same that you will have when you hire other designers.

When you hire freelance mobile applications developers in Singapore, you offer yourself a set of services along with some benefits. They handle developing custom applications for e-commerce business, custom applications for better user experience, and custom applications on demand. They handle the iOS and the Android platforms and can easily apply compatibility features on their applications.

First, you will need to define what is an App?

Are you referring to a Mobile App or a Web App?

These are 2 different implementations of software where one may cost much higher than the other. In the current market, mobile apps will cost you at least 5 figures in Singapore dollar.

Why do mobile app development and app maintenance cost in Singapore so high?

  • 2 codebases – Swift/Objective C (iOS) & Java/Kotlin (Android)
  • Different phone models to target – new phone models are launched every year and each phone have different screen sizes and operating systems

What cheaper alternatives do you have?

  • Instead of building your idea in a mobile app, test your idea in a web app
  • Instead of hiring native app developers, hire hybrid app developers who can build mobile apps in React Native, Flutter, NativeScript, Ionic or Cordova.
  • Learn how to build a mobile app by private tuition or an app developer course Singapore which we offer
  • Learn how to become a top Mobile Game Developer in Singapore

The advances in the mobile development sectors have induced advances in the freelance mobile application development sector in Singapore. Since it is a digital-based economy, Singapore represents the place where you can hire the best freelance mobile applications developers in the world with perhaps the same price.

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