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We provide mobile app development courses in Singapore.

Mobile App Builder

In this course, you get to learn how to build an app without coding. Just drag and drop will do!

React Native

In this course, you get to learn how to build an app with a technology that is used by popular apps like Instagram and Facebook.


In this course, you will learn how to build an app using web technologies such as React, Vue, Angular.


App Store

We will guide you to submit your app to Apple store which is difficult for beginners.

Play store

We will teach you how to submit your app to Google play store.


You get to learn how to build apps to access the mobile phone's tech such as camera, geolocation and more.


We will teach you on how to mockup a mobile app in Adobe Xd.


We will teach you on how to create login pages and how to store users in a real time database.


App Search Engine Optimisation Singapore can be done with techniques that are white hat.

App development courses: What you need to know

Advancement in technology has simplified our lives a lot, in various ways. Nowadays we can do most of the things online, such as shopping, tracking and monitoring our health and fitness, studying, learning new skills, and what not! Because of this, it is important to have access to apps or applications, both on web and mobile. 

Without apps, most of these services wouldn’t be available to us online. For any business, the quality of their apps helps to create an impression on their customers. A well-designed app will help the business reach out to their customer better. These are a few reasons apps are in immense demand in recent times, making app development an important skill for one. There are many app development courses available in Singapore, but before we look at that, let’s check out some benefits of learning how to build an app. 



Some benefits of learning how to build an app: 

  • Learning how to build an app will help to get more job opportunities as there is a high demand for app developers who can build quality apps. For those who want to get into app development as a beginner can start out their career as an entry-level developer. 
  • There is an increasing trend in the app revenue and there is a definitely promising future for app development as most industries depend on a good quality app to connect with their customers to offer their services or products. 
  • App development offers flexible work condition, instead of a 9-5 regular work. If you want to work as a freelancer, with app development skills and hard work, you will find a lot of opportunities and career growth. You can also work for a large business/company. 
  • As there’s a demand for app developers, with strong app development skill set, you can get a high salary. 

How to get started with learning app development? 

To start your career as an app developer, you have got a lot of options. The first step to becoming an app developer is to learn the skills by enrolling at any good app development course Singapore. There are many campus-based, online, and mixed-mode app development courses that you can choose from. 

To become an expert, you will need to get a stronghold on the basics of app development. 

What should you expect from an app development course? 

The main aim of an app development course is to give a good insight into app design and development. This is important for any app developer who is looking to build a good quality app. 

When it comes to app development, there are various platforms to choose from that you want to learn about, for example, iOS, Android, or both! 

For example, a course on android mobile app building will teach android platform programming, understanding the user interface and designing it, data persistence, networking, developing the services, publishing, etc. 

There are also courses that teach app development for both iOS and Android platforms, covering topics such as fundamentals of software development, fundamentals of database, and programming. These courses will help you learn how to perform and manage app development activities, and how to implement them according to the business/organisation requirements. 

In short, app development courses are beneficial. If you are looking to change your career or you are interested in becoming an app developer but don’t know where to start from, getting enrolled in any of these courses will help to give you a head-start. 

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