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Need pay per click services in Singapore?

What We Do ?

We provide paid search services for Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

Google PPC

Google ads can be very expensive. The way to win the game is to have a structured campaign and organised ads.

Bing Ads

Often overlooked but still effective. We provide services to place your ads on Microsoft owned Bing.

Google Ads

We also provide other paid search services such as display ads, shopping ads, universal ads and YouTube ads.


Paid search requires expert knowledge.

Cost Effective

We will help you reduce your PPC costs so that you have a better return on investments (ROI).


We will help you organise your ads in a more structured way so that it is easy for Google to understand.

High Quality Scores

We will help you achieve high quality scores to reduce your costs.

Landing Pages

Any marketer can provide PPC services but not all provide landing page building services. We can build landing pages that load fast under 1 sec.


PPC is not just a standalone service. We can connect it to Google analytics to cross reference your bounce rates on each campaign.


You will receive a monthly report on how your campaigns are doing and what opportunities are there for the taking.

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